Apple canceled its 10 billion dollar self-driving car project ‘Titan’ now which secret AI project will it work on

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Apple has officially canceled its 10-year-old project on a self-driving electric car called “Titan” Apple has completely canceled the project on which more than 10 billion dollars were invested and more than 2,000 people were working.The effect of this is also visible on Apple’s stock.

Apple had already decided that they wanted to create a fully self-driving car, but this goal was difficult to achieve and they were having problems getting the self-driving system to operate properly. The car’s cancellation was cited as being due to its high cost and scale, which would have been challenging for Apple to produce.

Apple aims to leverage its workforce’s expertise in AI and machine learning for future products like Vision Pro and other emerging technologies. Apple has decided to keep focusing on high margin products.

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Apple decided that there is no point in bringing an ordinary electric car. Apple’s decision is likely to give more opportunities to Tesla, the price of this Apple car was said to be $100,000.

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