Apple has warned all its customers about the mercenary spyware attack, Are you an Apple user?

Apple has warned all its customers about the mercenary spyware attack, Are you an Apple user?

The Californian Apple company sent a notification to iPhone users in 92 countries including India on the night of April 10, warning them of a spyware attack. Apple has described this Mercenary spyware attack as Pegasus created by Israel’s NSO Group. Spyware attacks are different from normal cybercrimes. Its purpose is to gain unauthorized access to the device from the user. According to many news reports, this Mercenary Spyware attack can also be seen in India due to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Apple company has not yet revealed the identity of the attackers, nor has it identified the countries where users received the warnings.

If attackers try to use Mercenary Spyware to access your iPhone, you’ll receive an alert message like: “Apple has detected that you are being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack that is attempting to destroy your iPhone. Attempting to remotely influence an iPhone associated with an Apple ID.
This attack is specifically targeting you because of who you are or what you do. Although it is never possible to achieve absolute certainty when detecting such attacks, Apple has full confidence in this warning – please take it seriously.

How does Apple notify the customer? First, you will go to, type your ID, login there, then there you will get threat notification and second through email.

 threatened mercenary spyware attack massage from apple

If you have received a threat notification from Apple, you can turn on Lockdown Mode. Lockdown Mode helps protect devices from extremely rare and highly sophisticated cyber attacks. When Lockdown Mode is enabled, your device will not function as intended. Usually, to prevent attacks, some apps, websites and features are limited.

How to turn on Lockdown Mode on your iPhone device

First Open the Settings app then Tap Privacy & Security
Scroll down and tap Lockdown Mode, then tap Turn On Lockdown Mode and then enter your device passcode. If lockdown mode of your device is not turning on then update your device.

What is mercenary spyware Attack

If your device is attacked with targeted mercenary spyware, the attacker may be able to remotely access your sensitive data, communications, or even the microphone and camera.

Earlier in October 2023, Apple had sent a notification to Apple users in India warning them of a state-sponsored (Pegasus) attack on their devices, including several journalists and politicians. Which state politicians was behind the attacks. The matter regarding Pegasus also went to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court said that the Pegasus spyware was not found in the mobile phones of all 29 complainants.

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