Artillery production in Russia: Russia is going to launch a major attack on Ukraine

Artillery production in Russia

Russia is producing almost three times more artillery bullets than the United States and Europe.

Russia is making about 250,000 artillery shells per month, equivalent to about 3 million per year, while the United States and Europe are making only 1.2 million artillery shells over the same period.

The amount of artillery ammunition is critical in the Ukrainian fighting. Ukraine is firing about 2000 artillery rounds per day, while Russia is firing about 10,000 rounds. Western support is declining and Russia’s production is rapidly increasing.

According to a European intelligence official, the main power of the Russian army is artillery, and Russia is preparing for a major attack on Ukraine.

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Ukraine is running out of artillery ammunition due to a lack of Western support, forcing Ukraine to limit the amount of ammunition used and shifting the decision of the war to Russia.

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