Baghpat Lakshagraha News: 53 year old case, Court has handed over 108 bighas of land to the Hindu side

Baghpat Lakshagraha News
  1. The Hindu side has won the court’s decision on the dispute over Baghpat Lakshagraha and the graveyard. The court took the decision based on evidence that confirms the location of Lakshagraha during the Mahabharata period.
  2. Baghpat Civil Court has handed over 108 bighas of land to the Hindu side, and it has been considered Lakshagraha during the Mahabharata period.
  3. After the case was registered 53 years ago, the court decided on February 5, 2024, and ended this dispute.
  4. There was harmony between the Hindu and Muslim parties regarding the disputed land.
  5. According to local historians and elders, the land has been considered an important pilgrimage site. An attempt to kill the Pandavas was made at the site of Lakshagraha, and antiquities have been found here that inform human history.

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When was the case registered?
Around the year 1970, a person named Mukim Khan filed a case in the civil court regarding this. Mukim Khan said that this place is a graveyard of Muslims and the Hindu side’s lawyer Ranveer Singh Tomar said that the land has belonged to Hindus since the Mahabharata period. The court has rejected the claim of the Muslim side because there is no evidence of the land of the shrine in the revenue records.

History of Lakshagraha
The description of Lakshagraha comes from the Mahabharata. According to the Mahabharata, this palace was built to burn the Pandavas alive. There is a high mound on 108 bigha of land, and the Pandavas have come here, and the Kauravas have tried to kill them by burning them here. This land is also registered with the Revenue Court in the name of Lakha Mandapam, and this land has been a pilgrimage site for Hindus since ancient times.

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