BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi: How was the temple built despite Sharia law? full story

BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi

Building a grand Hindu temple in a Muslim country was like a dream for India and on 14 February 2024, this dream of Indians has come true. The first Hindu temple is ready in Abu Dhabi, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The construction of a temple in a fanatical Islamic country like UAE is a big deal.

Whose idea was it to build the temple?

In 1977, the idea of building this temple came, which is ready today. It was in 1997 that the first Hindu temple was inaugurated in Bahrain, which was built by (BAPS) Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha. In that program, Acharya Pramukh Mahant Swami Maharaj of BAPS was present.
At that time, people associated with BAPS in Abu Dhabi used to worship God by making idols in a small house. Then Swami Maharaj got the idea that there should be a temple in Abu Dhabi. The responsibility of this work was handed to Brahmavihari Swami, and his team got ready for this work.

Who donated 27 acres of land to build the temple?

The BAPS team living in the UAE worked day and night to materialize this idea that came in 1997. After everything was finalized, the work of searching for land for the temple started in 2012. The President and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, donated 27 acres of land to BAPS to build the temple.

How was the design of the temple finalized after Sharia law?

BAPS chief Swami Maharaj wanted that this temple being built in Abu Dhabi should be built in Nagara style. Many designs were made for this temple but now the problem was that Sharia law was applicable in UAE, idol worship is banned there and idol worship could not be done.

Due to Sharia, it was difficult to build a Kalash temple in such a situation. When this was told to the Crown Prince, he said that you can build any temple you want in your Indian style; you can make any design you want for the temple; no one can disturb you; and then this design of the Kalash temple was finalized.

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From where and how the idols brought to the temple?

The idols installed in this temple have been made in Sirohi and Dungarpur districts of Rajasthan because BAPS runs a workshop here and thousands of artisans work in making idols. The sculptures were transported by ship to Abu Dhabi and assembled. Mahant Swami Maharaj and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of this temple on 20 April 2019 and now this temple, built at a cost of Rs 700 crore, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14 February 2024.

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