BrahMos missile: How India which was once dependent on other countries for weapons, is now a weapons exporter

philippine president marcos happy for BrahMos missile

India has handed over the first batch of the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos to the Philippines. In India, BrahMos missile is considered India’s Brahmastra. Philippines had signed this deal for BrahMos missile with India for 375 million dollars in 2022. India’s DRDO and Russia’s NPO have jointly developed the BrahMos missile. 85% of this missile is made in India. Philippines is the first country to which India gave BrahMos. Now Vietnam and Argentina have also shown interest in purchasing BrahMos missile from India.

Philippines can use this BrahMos missile in warships against China. Just a few years ago, China’s sea-digging ships had reached the South China Sea with bricks and stones. First, China built a port here, then an airstrip and then within no time, it created an artificial island here. It also prepared a military base. When other countries and unsc raised questions about China regarding all these things, China claimed that it has a 2000-year-old connection with the South China Sea.

There is a dispute between China and Philippines regarding scarborough shoal Island. China considers them as its part and prevents the Philippines from coming here and Philippines says that all of these are its parts. America has deployed its air defense system in the Philippines. Recently, the Philippines Navy is conducting the biggest and expensive war exercise with America. India handed over BrahMos missile to the Philippines when China was threatening the Philippines. BrahMos missile will further increase the military strength of Philippines. Philippines does not have any such missile.

India was once dependent on other countries for weapons, but today India has emerged as a seller of weapons in Asia. Experts say that by 2026, India can create a market worth 3 billion dollars only with the BrahMos deal. READ ALSO: Green sky Dubai: green sky in Dubai is a sign of future disaster

Philippines will get three systems of BrahMos missile. The first consignment has just been received. Each system has two missile launchers, a radar and a command and control center. Along with BrahMos, India is also training the Philippines to operate the missile, which has a range of 290 km. BrahMos missiles have been found which can attack any warship or ship in the sea.

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