North Korea Ends Economic Ties with South Korea

N. Korea ends Economic cooperation with S. Korea: know Impact on which project

North Korea has decided to end all economic cooperation agreements with South Korea, including the special law on the operation of the Kumgang Mountaineering Project. The Parliament of North Korea has voted to take this decision. This decision has come at a time when North-South relations are continuously deteriorating. Related Events: North Korea’s decision to…

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mom teaching is son

How new kids become enterpenure quickly

It’s important to understand the basics of finance and money management. You can start by teaching your child about budgeting, saving, and investing. Encourage your child to use their imagination and generate fresh concepts. This could involve brainstorming sessions or creative exercises. Entrepreneurs must be capable of finding quick and efficient solutions to issues. You…

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sad for money

Why most people not become millionaire?

Many people do not have a good understanding of personal finance, investing, and wealth creation strategies. This lack of knowledge can make it difficult for them to make informed financial decisions and grow their wealth. Most individuals’ income is restricted by their jobs or businesses, limiting their ability to save and invest enough to achieve…

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