Caution: Stopping for selfies on Atal Setu MTHL can be costly

picnic spot on highway

After the inauguration of the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link, also known as Atal Setu, it has become the longest bridge in India.

Vehicles are stopping unnecessarily for people to take selfies on the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, and as a result 264 vehicles have been fined for stopping. ₹ 500 fine on vehicles

Atal Setu, which the Maharashtra government has released information about daily and monthly pass charges to make humans understand that it is a major means of reducing traffic.

The traffic police have threatened criminal action against vehicles stopping on the bridge and appealed to ensure the safety of citizens.

The main objective of Atal Setu is to reduce the communication time to 20 minutes and more than 84,000 vehicles have used it in the last 3 days. The expensive road toll of the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link is also becoming the center of discussion.

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