Chabahar Port: Will India’s Chabahar deal with Iran be cancelled

Chabahar Port deal with Iran be cancelled

India is going to operate Iran’s Chabahar Port for the next 10 years, but America’s threat of sanctions on this deal has disappointed India.

When Vedant Patel, Deputy Spokesperson of the United States Department of State, reporters was asked a question about Indian companies, that restrictions could be imposed on Indian companies also.

So on this, Vedant Patel said, Let me tell you that if anyone is doing a business deal with Iran, then they should know its possible risks. They should know that they may also be subject to sanctions.

After America’s statement, Minister of External Affairs S.Jaishankar clearly said that America’s attitude towards this is different from before, earlier America had been praising this deal and said that this deal is actually beneficial for everyone.

I do not think that people should take a narrow view about it, and India will continue to work on the deal with Iran.

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Under this deal, Indian Ports Global Limited (IPGL) will invest approximately $120 million in Chabahar Port. India is developing a part of Chabahar Port so that goods can be transported to Iran, Afghanistan, and countries in Central Asia easily. With this deal, Pakistan’s Karachi and Gwadar ports can be bypassed and the trade route between South Asia and Central Asia through Iran will open.

Chabahar Port is important for India’s direct access to Iran and Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s dependence on Pakistan for access to the Indian Ocean may reduce

India will handle the operation of Chabahar for 10 years, this port in Baluchestan. There are two ports on it, the first port is Shahid Kalantari which was developed in 1980.

The second one is Shahid Beheshti which Iran invited India to develop. This corridor is the gateway to the International North-South Transport Corridor which connects India, Iran, Russia, West Asia and Europe through sea, rail, and road.

The length of this entire corridor is 7200 kilometers, which will save 30% of the cost of sea trade and 40% of time. Chabahar Port will make India’s trade cheaper and easier

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