China again dominates Philippines in South China Sea

China attacks Philippines in the South China Sea

The deepening maritime dispute between the Philippines and China has escalated into yet another confrontation as coast guard ships of the two countries clashed near the disputed Scarborough shoal.

Philippine Coast Guard were delivering food and fuel to fishing vessels near the Scarborough Shoal. Then in the South China Sea, the Philippines Coast Guard ship was surrounded by Chinese Coast Guard ships from both sides and attacked with water cannons.

Alternate week the incidents of confrontation between the Philippines Coast Guard and the Chinese Coast Guard in the South China Sea are increasing. The Philippines Coast Guard has released a video and tried to explain how they were attacked.

The Philippines described this action as irresponsible and provocative. Philippines Coast Guard has told how China’s bullying in the South China Sea is continuously increasing. He told that 2 Chinese Coast Guard personnel ship attacked the Philippines Coast Guard ship using water cannon. During the attack, due to such a strong flow of water, all the surveillance security and radar equipment on the Philippines ship got broken and the Philippines Coast Guard ship suffered a lot of damage.

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The Philippines Coast Guard also alleged that the Chinese coastguard crossed the Philippines floating barrier into Philippine territory and then attacked the Philippines coastguard ship.

China says its military repelled the Philippine ships and insists it acted lawfully to counter the incursion. Earlier on March 24, 2024, China also used water cannon on a Philippine ship for attack.

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