Christmas celebration 2023: significance,santa, Tradition,facts,history

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This year Christmas will be celebrated on Mon, December 25, 2023. We celebrate it because Jesus Christ was born and over time, it has evolved with different cultures, including Carolingians, Victorian eras, and commercialism. Today, it unites people globally as a symbol of love, kindness and joy.

Christmas Traditions Around the World:

  • In Japan, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Market is a popular Christmas tradition.
  • In Norway, locals hide their brooms in the safest area to avoid witches and evil spirits.
  • In Colombia, small paper candles are placed in front of windows and patios, symbolizing the beginning of the merry season.
  • St. Nicholas Day in Germany leaves sweet treats for good children and asks them to show off their talents and join in on games.
  • In Ireland, a red candle on the windowsill symbolizes warmth and shelter.
  • While in Finland, families start Christmas morning by eating porridge made from rice and milk, with cinnamon butter or milk as a topping.
  • The Yvell goat on display in Sweden is a 13-meter-tall yielding goat found in Yvell Castle Square, which has been destroyed 29 times since 1996.
  • The Giant Lantern Festival in the Philippines is one of the world’s longest Christmas traditions, featuring an annual display of large lanterns decorated by 11 villages.
  • In Austria, the evil Krampus is a wandering animal-like evil creature who rewards good children, but the children he catches are carried away in his sack. Christmas traditions around the world emphasize goodness and love.

Christmas gift for 2023:

DIY Christmas decorations:

Who is Santa Claus?

The story of Santa, the central figure of Christmas, is complex and not mentioned in the Bible. There are various stories, including Saint Nicholas, Satan’s double, Saturn, and the song Jingle Bells. Some believe Santa is derived from the word Saint, meaning holy and more powerful than God, and that children are considered very dear, so he gives gifts only to them on Christmas. This complex interpretation of Santa’s identity raises questions about the origin of the holidays.

Christmas recipes for 2023:

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