Citizens of PoK demanded the Indian Army liberate PoK

Citizens of PoK demanded the Indian Army liberate PoK

Violence has once again erupted rapidly in (PoK) Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The people of PoK are taking to the streets against the Pakistani government, raising slogans of (AZAADI) and waving the flag of India.

Violent protests have been going on in PoK for 4 days, 1 police officer and 3 citizens died in this protest, more than 100 people have been injured. The situation is still tense and there is no sign of it calming down at the moment.

Police have arrested more than 70 workers of the Awami Action Committee. According to Pakistani media, mobile and internet services have been stopped in different parts of PoK and Section 144 has been imposed.

The Awami Action Committee announced shutter-down and chakka-jam strike regarding their demands. On May 11, the committee was going to take out a march from Kotli to Muzaffarabad, but on May 10 itself, violent clashes took place between police and protesters at many places in Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK.

Local leaders of PoK have accused the Pakistani government of discrimination. People are angry over issues like inflation, unemployment, ending subsidies, taxes, and electricity.

20% of Pakistan’s electricity is generated from Mangla Dam of PoK, yet PoK gets only 30% of its required electricity.

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In 70 years, there are neither roads nor bridges in PoK, nor are there proper schools and hospitals. Whatever infrastructure is built in PoK is used by the Pakistani Army. All-time PoK is a big base for terrorists.

There are often demonstrations in PoK against the Pakistani government, but this time these demonstrations turned into violence. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif have appealed to all parties to behave themselves and resolve the issues through conversation.

For Pakistan, PoK is just a piece of land from where it fights against India. Despite being rich in natural resources, PoK does not get its rightful share.

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