DRDO successfully tests indigenous high-speed flying wing UAV

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The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has successfully tested indigenous lethal stealth drones in Chitradurga, Karnataka. This drone is a stealth drone whose speed is about ten times faster than the American B-2 bomber. It is also known as AFWTD, or Autonomous Flying Wing Technology Demonstrator, and in Hindi it is also known as AFWTD.

The drone is capable of taking off and landing after a completed mission, making it an important step towards the future development of India’s unmanned aircraft. It is built at the Bengaluru Aeronautical Development Establishment and has a small turbofan engine with higher thrust than existing Indian aircraft. The avionic system is also indigenous to India and is specifically designed for use by the Indian Air Force.


Drones are expected to make a significant contribution to India’s defense and security, an important step towards India’s self-reliance. The Indian Air Force has been working on developing a lethal stealth drone for many years, and it is expected that this drone will be a part of India’s future security.

Terrorist Threat and Preparedness of the Indian Army: Drone technology reflects the growing threat, and the Indian Army has improved its preparedness, including the development of indigenous drones. The development of drone technology has also impacted the security sector. A major step is being taken, and it is in the direction of developing aircraft capable of serving in the coming wars.

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