Ebrahim Raisi: Pakistan did not allow Iranian President to hold a rally in its country

Ebrahim Raisi angry on Pakistan

Ebrahim Raisi, who is the President of Iran, has come to Pakistan for three- days with his wife, Jamileh Alamolhoda. After the formation of the new government of Shehbaz Sharif in Pakistan, this is the first foreign visit when the President of any other country has come to Pakistan.

Pakistan is very excited about the visit of Ebrahim Raisi. Iran was not visiting Pakistan for the last 7 years. On this three-day visit, the President of Iran will visit Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and the border areas of Iran and Pakistan. Pakistan’s Shahbaz Sharif and his entire cabinet are on alert mood to welcome Ebrahim Raisi.

Iran wants to increase its trade with Pakistan to 10 billion dollars, but Pakistan does not have a road map on how to do this but despite this, they are trying to welcome their foreign guests. The most unsafe country There is danger and terrorism on every street and road in Pakistan. In such a situation, Pakistan has made preparations for the safety of foreign guests.

pakistani security personel stand with ak-47

These pictures are from Karachi. In Karachi, the roads have been closed and the containers have been brought on the roads to avoid any kind of danger An old man is standing on top of the container with a AK-47 in his hand, but the situation is such that if someone stands in front of them then they will not be able to do much.

Iran has announced an investment of about 10 billion dollars in Pakistan. The Iranian President made this announcement when Iran had sought help from Pakistan regarding trade. In the coming years, the trade between the two countries will reach 10 billion dollars.

America also has its eyes on Ibrahim Raisi’s visit to Pakistan because relations between America and Iran are not good and America does not want any country to increase its closeness with Iran. Earlier, America had banned Pakistan’s ballistic missile program, after which Pakistan told America that it should have informed before imposing the ban.

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Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif wanted to force the Iranian President to talk on the issue of Kashmir but due to good relations between India and Iran, the Iranian President maintained silence despite Shahbaz’s statement on Kashmir and did not say anything on Kashmir.

Ibrahim Raisi wanted to address a public rally in Pakistan from where he would raise the issue of Israel, Palestine, and Gaza, but he could not do so. He himself said that the meeting he wanted to address was not possible. The reason behind this could also be that Pakistan would not have allowed them to do that because of pressure from other countries.

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