Flame retardant: How to Safe from Harmful Car AC Chemicals

Flame retardant: person suddenly start Car AC

The AC in your car can cause dangerous diseases like cancer. If you are not careful, some chemicals present in the car can cause cancer. To avoid hot winds and heat waves in the summer season, everyone keeps the AC of their car on.

Flame retardant

According to Duke University of America research, 98% of people are inhaling many chemicals along with the cold air from the AC installed in the car. Flame retardant chemicals that are incorporated into materials (like carpet, insulation, upholstery, and electronic components) to reduce flammability and prevent the spread of fire.

But when the car is parked in harsh sunlight, due to the heat on it, this chemical gets converted into poisonous gas and as soon as the AC is switched on, this chemical starts releasing and entering the bodies of people sitting in the car through oxygen.

Research has shown that flame retardant chemicals also affect the human nervous system, due to which people may complain of vomiting and headaches in the car.

Try to protect the car from sunlight and park it in a garage, shed, under a tree or cover it. Before turning on the AC of the car, open all the windows for few minutes so that the gas present inside comes out.

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