Green sky Dubai: green sky in Dubai is a sign of future disaster

In Dubai, which is counted among the smartest cities, water is visible everywhere. Dubai International Airport had to be closed, vehicles on the city’s highways got stuck in water, shopping malls and metro stations were submerged in water. UAE is a desert area where there is a shortage of water. It is extremely hot throughout the year, the temperature reaches 50°c, and now there are torrential rains. The reason for the disaster in Dubai is cloud seeding, which means artificial rain. Dubai administration had flown seven aircraft for cloud seeding on April 15 and April 16.

What is cloud seeding?
Cloud seeding is a weather modification technique whose purpose is to falling rain. In this process, chemical substances like silver iodide or potassium iodide are sprayed on the clouds. With the help of helicopters and airplanes, due to these chemicals, water vapor condenses in those clouds there Rain is not produced Naturally droplets are formed in the cloud and slowly slowly all these droplets
Collect together and fall on the ground in the form of rain.

process of cloud seeding in green sky dubai
source:-gulf news

These chemicals help dry clouds retain moisture, due to which rain is produced. This process is as simple as it sounds. In this, weather conditions are the presence of moisture in the cloud and the direction of the wind plays an important role. The main aim of this technology is to provide environmental relief in dry and drought-like places.

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Green sky Dubai: now the sky of UAE has appeared green. Videos and pictures of the green sky are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many other countries and scientists have linked it to future disasters such as cracking of the ozone layer, death of bigger fish in the sea, massive floods, storms, etc. In the video given below you can see how the sky turned from blue to green.

UAE’s neighboring countries Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, also received heavy rains. In Oman, 18 people lost their lives due to floods caused by heavy rains in recent days, among them were 10 children whose school bus was washed away in the flood.

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