Hamas will not release hostages, Israel will launch a major attack on Rafah now

Hamas not releasing hostages major attack on Rafah

On Sunday, April 5, several rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing border. Three Israeli soldiers were killed and 12 were injured in this rocket attack.

Hamas took responsibility for this rocket attack, and after the attack Kerem Shalom crossing border was closed. From this border, aid material was being sent to Gaza.

The war between Israel and Palestine has been going on for seven months. Israel has been threatening to attack Rafah, but now the action of the Israeli government has become more strict. Israel has told Palestinians to vacate the area of Rafah.

Israel is preparing to attack the Hamas bases in Rafah. Israel has decided that it will attack on Rafah. Israel says that Hamas has more than 500 bases in Rafah and Hamas holds several hostages in Rafah.

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In Palestine, messages are coming in Arabic and phone calls have told people to move 20 kilometers ahead of Rafah. According to Hamas media, some air strikes have also started in Rafah.

There are 1 million refugees in Rafah and Rafah is the area where Palestinians have taken refuge to escape the war. Now there is a possibility of huge people will be killed due to this Israeli attack on Rafah.

America and neighboring Egypt are also trying to somehow stop Israel to attacking on Rafah because if this attack happens, it will cause huge losses and many people will be killed.

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