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It is difficult to determine whether a fish is resting or awake because they do not look very different when they are asleep. Fish are significantly less responsive when they are at rest, though. Some may appear to stop moving completely and can even be touched or handled without waking up. Certain fish species experience more deaths in the first two hours after sunset, which suggests that these fish tend to fall asleep at that time.

How to identify if a fish is sleeping or resting

  1. They are in a state of prolonged inactivity, lying on the bottom, in a plant, or hovering in the water motionless.
  2. They stop swimming and eating.
  3. They exhibit this inactive behavior at the same time within the 24-hour cycle.
  4. They take longer to respond to stimuli, such as light or food, or may not respond at all.
  5. They breathe very slowly.

Do all fish sleep the same way?

Catfish: They rest on the bottom of the water body and breathe through their gills.
Tuna: They swim slowly with one eye open and one eye closed.
Salmon: They rest in shallow water and move their tails occasionally to maintain their position.

Parrotfish: They secrete a mucus cocoon around their bodies before sleeping, which masks their scent from predators.

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