Houthi and USA: Operation Prosperity Garden aims to secure Red Sea shipping routes

Biden and yahya

American and British aircraft attacked Houthi positions in Yemen on Wednesday. The war is expanding in the Middle East. Earlier, Houthi had attacked maritime shipping in the Red Sea. 27 ships have been attacked in the Red Sea, causing disruptions to maritime shipping.

Some companies are now withdrawing from Red Sea routes, causing energy and food prices to rise. The US has launched a US-led operation called ‘Operation Prosperity Garden’ to efficiently protect the shipping line, with more than 20 countries signing up to join. If necessary, we will not hesitate to take further action.

Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree said: “The US and the UK launched this invasion, which supports their crimes against Israel. As a result of the invasion, 73 bombings took place in several areas of the Yemeni Republic. And many people have died on the spot, leading to increased security.

Those responsible for criminal attacks on Yemeni territories will not be spared; Yemeni armed forces will not shy away from targeting sources and targets of hostilities at sea; and Yemeni The armed forces reaffirm their continuity in interdicting Israeli ships

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