How safe is Ayodhya regarding the inauguration of Ram temple on 22 January 2024

Ayodhya ram mandir security

Black-Cat commandos are deployed at every nook and corner for the security of special and important persons coming to Ayodhya. To strengthen the security, Bhaktar Bandh vehicles have been deployed, which help in preventing any untoward incidents.

Teams like dog squads and NDRF have been deployed to face various types of disasters, both natural and man-made disasters.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath will visit
State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that all the ministers of his cabinet will go to Ayodhya on February 1 to worship Shri Ram Leela.

History of the grand Hindu temple in Ayodhya

The name of the temple is ‘Ram Mandir’, and it is one of the major religious places of Hindu religion.

beautyful look shri ram in ayodhya

The site of the temple was earlier known as ‘Babri Masjid’, which was demolished by Hindu groups in 1992. The reason for this was that this mosque was built at the birthplace of Lord Ram as per his mythological religious values. In 2019, the Indian Supreme Court decided that Hindus had the right to build a temple there, ending the decades-long dispute.

Muslim community at Ram temple in Ayodhya
Despite the controversies, some Muslim community leaders are welcoming the opening of the temple with a cautious outlook, hoping it will turn the previously haunted past into a path of peace.

Following the inauguration, local Muslim traders hope that the influx of tourists and pilgrims will boost their businesses, which could lead to local economic growth.

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