India Myanmar border wall : Building a Protective Wall for Peace in North East India

India Myanmar border wall

In view of the danger of betrayal by neighboring countries and coming under the influence of China, India has decided to build a 1,643-kilometer-long border wall with the aim of keeping India’s North East safe. Whereas10-kilometer wall has already been built

India believes that this wall is needed to stop the unrest, terrorism, and illegal smuggling arising there due to increasing Chinese influence in Myanmar.

The Indian government wants to stop the increasing unrest in Myanmar. Wants to stop the smuggling of illegal drugs and weapons from Myanmar. To stop the growing influence of China in Myanmar, India believes that China is behind the dangerous situation that has arisen in Myanmar and because of China, there is a war going on in Myanmar between many extremist organizations and the army.

Coming under the influence of China, many neighboring countries of India were becoming a threat to India’s security. This barbed wire wall will be erected on the entire border of India and Myanmar.

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India Myanmar land border passes through four states of the country, these states are Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur. The maximum area of 520 km passes through Arunachal Pradesh, 510 km through Mizoram, 398 km through Manipur and 215 km through Nagaland.

This decision is also important in the Indian political context, as it is expected to improve security and foreign relations, as well as strengthen relations with neighboring countries.

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