Who gave the names Hindustan and India,one country with three names

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The invitation sent to guests attending the G20 summit 2023 this week refers to the President of India as “President of Bharat”. India The country is also known as Hindustan and Bharat which are already in the Constitution. When the Mughals came to India from the sindhu Ghati in 1526, in the meantime they changed the name from Bharat to Hindustan. Then, when the British came, they called the Indus Valley as Sindhu Ghati, from there the name of Bharat was changed to India. The British had difficulty in speaking Hindustan or Bharat.

The name Bharat is derived from the name of the Vedic tribe that is mentioned in the Rig Veda as one of the major kingdoms of Aryavarta. It is said that it originated from the name of Bharat, son of Dushyant of Mahabharata. It is written in Vishnu Purana that. The country which is situated north of the sea and south of the snowy mountains is called Bharatam. Bharat’s descendants live there. Vishnu Purana, which is old from 400 BC to 900 AD. Now every Indian believes that India can soon become Bharat.

Now the ruling party  Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP argues that the name is a relic of the country’s colonial past.

26 opposition parties are part of it, They all oppose the name change, saying it is about politics, not policy, but government supporters disagree, saying it is an attempt to abandon India’s colonial roots.

It is about reclaiming India’s past, it is difficult to say how this will happen. If India changes its name it will not be alone, many others have done the same, For example, Anatolia is now Turkey, the Czech Republic is Czechia, Swaziland is Eswatini, Holland is now Netherlands, Siam is now Thailand, Burma Myanmar, each country had its reasons for the name change. India’s reason for the name change may determine the outcome of this effort.

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