Iran Twin Blast: 110 Lives Lost in Kerman Blast; Iran Blames Israel, Threatens Retaliation

israel vs iran war

110 people died and 60 were injured in the blast near the tomb of General Qasim Sulemani in Kerman, Iran. Iran has called this blast a terrorist attack. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has described the blast as an Israeli attack. Said that “Israel will have to pay a price for this attack and I warn this Zionist regime. Do not doubt it. You will be punished for this crime, you will deeply regret your actions”. America has said that “America was not involved in this incident in any way. We have no reason to believe that Israel was involved in this blast.

India has expressed grief over this bombing and solidarity with Iran. This attack is being described as an unprecedented incident in Iran in the last 40 years in which the number of dead is increasing every few minutes. No group is taking responsibility for this and the claim made by Israeli media has been rejected It has been done.

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