Iran’s surgical strike in Pakistan’s territory: In which many terrorists including Jaish-ul-Adl commander Ismail Shahbakhsh were killed

iran vs pakistan war

Iran has attacked Pakistan for the second time in 40 days. This time it has tried to destroy the terrorist organization Jaish-ul-Adl by conducting a ground attack. Iran carried out this attack on Friday, February 23. Even on January 16, Iran carried out an air attack on Pakistan and bombed the hideouts of terrorists with the help of drones. Now Pakistan has been attacked again. Despite Pakistan-Iran agreement last month, new attack reveals growing tension.

According to Iran’s state media, their attack was targeted at the Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-ul-Adl and its commanders, including Ismail Shahbakhsh, whose death is being planned by Iran. Pakistani terrorists were killed by entering the house. Countries like India and America have adopted this method of killing and now Iran has also joined this series.

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Iran’s attack is proving that due to Pakistan’s policy of supporting terrorism, it may have to face danger from its neighboring countries, which like India, stand strictly against terrorism. Pakistan is the only country in the world which has been attacked by all its neighboring countries accusing it of promoting terrorism, although no country tolerates terrorism or those who support it. The Indian government and the Indian Army have already been taking steps against Pakistani terrorism.

Iran, following India’s surgical strike technique, changed its strategy and responded to Pakistan by launching an air strike and then a ground attack. Iran has adopted India’s surgical strike techniques and has displayed various strategies to trick Pakistan, drawing comparisons with India.

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