ISF: Xi Jinping’s new force for information war

ISF: Xi Jinping's new force for information war

China’s President Xi Jinping has made a major change to strengthen cyber warfare capabilities. Xi Jinping has announced his new army (ISF) Information Support Force.

The formation of this new army was announced by Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian. The main work of ISF is to work in space warfare, cyber warfare, political warfare, and electronic warfare To collect information and if someone commits a cyber attack, then to stop that attack, ISF will do all this work.


This force is a branch of the People’s Liberation Army of China. China will intensify its operations in the world through this force and the ISF will play a major role in its war.

Apart from this, the Chinese spokesperson has said that (PLA) People’s Liberation Army has 4 services, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Rocket Force in which Cyber Space Force, Information Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force are their sub branches.

The establishment of the Information Support Force marks a significant realignment that strengthens China cyber and Aerosmith cyber warfare capabilities amid rising global cyber tensions, particularly with the United States.

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Earlier, countries like America, UK, New Zealand have accused China of trying to carry out cyber attacks on their infrastructure and these countries had also given warnings to China.

Xi Jinping holds the post of Chief of the Central Military Commission of China, making him the supreme commander of the Chinese Army. This new force was formed under a decision of the ruling Communist Party. Xi Jinping also holds the post of General Secretary of the party. all the three highest positions of power in China are with Xi Jinping and he takes the decisions regarding these.

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