Israel vs Iran: How Hamas leaders made money from 7 October attacks by short selling in Israel stock market

israel vs hamas :How Hamas leaders made money from 7 October attacks

Hamas and Hezbollah traders had prior information about the 7 October terrorist attack and used it to make huge profits by short selling in Israeli companies. ‘Trading on Terror‘ by US-based researchers The study found that bets (short selling) placed against Israeli companies increased significantly in the five days before the Hamas attack on israal.

what is short selling?

Short selling in the stock market is a trading strategy where investors speculate on the decline of a stock. Example: An investor borrows shares from a broker-dealer and sells them in the open market at the current price. The investor is betting that the stock price will fall and plans to buy back the shares at a lower price in the future. If the price falls, the investor can repurchase the shares at a lower price, return them to the lender and keep the difference as profit. However, if the stock price rises, the investor will have to buy back the shares at a higher price, resulting in a loss.

Now what is the reason for war between Israel and Iran?

On April 1, 2024, there was an air attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria. In this attack, seven senior officers of the Iranian Army were killed and Iran had accused Israel of this attack and since then there has been tension between Israel and Iran in the Middle East. The danger of a major war has increased. Iran has been attacking Israel through rebel organizations present in other countries like Hezbollah in Lebanon, but now Iran is preparing to retaliate. Does Iran have that much power to attack on Israel. The report released by the US Defense Intelligence Agency shows that any Iranian attack on Israel could be by missile or drone. Drone and missile forces are being rapidly increased by Iran.

Which country is the powerful between Israel vs Iran ?

According to the World Fire Power Index, Iran is the 14th most powerful country in the world, while Israel is the 17th most powerful country. Out of the armies of both the countries, Iran has 6,10,000 active soldiers while Israel has 1,70,000 soldiers. Defense Budget of Israel Bigger than Iran. Iran has been under US sanctions for a long time due to which its foreign exchange reserves are less than Israel. Israeli army is ahead of Iran in air strikes, Iran has 551 aircraft while Israel has 612 aircraft.

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In terms of fighter jets, Israel has 241 while Iran has only 186 fighter jets. Among these also, Israel has the world’s most powerful F16 and F35 aircraft. In ground attack, Iran has more tanks than Israel. The number of Israel’s tanks is 1370 and the number of Iran’s tanks is 1996. Israel has 650 automatic artillery units while Iran has only 580. Iran’s Navy is more powerful than Israel’s. Talking about submarines, Iran has 19 and Israel has 5. Both the countries do not have helicopter carriers or aircraft carriers.

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