Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Hospitalized

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Hospitalized

A statement was issued saying that during a routine medical checkup, doctors discovered that the Israeli Prime Minister had a hernia. 74-year-old Netanyahu has announced that he has successfully gone through the process. He will undergo surgery after meeting with Israel’s war cabinet on Sunday evening, in the meantime Justice Minister Yariv Levin will act as the country’s workplace prime minister. It was not revealed how long the Israeli prime minister would be absent; Netanyahu also required hernia surgery in 2013.

This comes in the wake of demonstrations that are expected to take place outside the Israeli Knesset over the next three days. The protests are expected to call for the removal of the Israeli Prime Minister while demanding new elections and will be attended by many members of the Israeli opposition, including opposition leader Yair Lapid, who Speaking against Netanyahu and his policies.

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