Kasganj tractor accident: 7 children and 8 women died when tractor trolley filled with devotees going for Ganga bath overturned in the pond

Kasganj tractor accident

On Saturday morning, a tractor overturned in a pond located on Badaun Highway in Kasa Purvi village of Etah. A major accident occurred in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, when a tractor trolley filled with devotees going to take a bath in the Ganga overturned in the pond.

15 people died and many were injured in a tractor trolley accident that fell into a pond in Kasganj Of these seven children and eight women have died.

The cause of the accident was that the tractor trolley was carrying devotees for bathing in the Ganga. To avoid an accident with a car, the tractor turned its steering and could not control it, and it fell into the pond.

The condition of the injured is not yet clear, but many people have been admitted to different hospitals.

The government has talked about giving compensation to the families of those killed in the accident and has also made plans for the seriously injured.

Rescue operations are going on continuously to admit the injured in the hospital, and information is slowly coming out.

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