Katchatheevu Island:How did Sri Lanka get a part of India in friendship

Katchatheevu Island

Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted on Twitter on the morning of 31 March in which he said that Congress has handed over Katchatheevu Island near Rameshwaram, India to Sri Lanka in the year 1974. Every Indian is angry with this and it has been decided that Congress should not be trustworthy. Undermining the unity, integrity and interests of India has been the modus operandi of Congress for 75 years.

Earlier, on August 10, 2023, PM Modi also gave a statement in the House on the no-confidence motion regarding Katchatheevu Island. This issue is creating anger and concern among people. It is important to understand Katchatheevu Island and its history to understand the issue.

There is a very large sea area between Tamil Nadu of India and Sri Lanka. There are many islands there, one of which is named Katchatheevu. Katchatheevu Island is located in the Indian Ocean between Tamil Nadu of India and Sri Lanka. This island was under the Ramnad zamindari of Madurai.

The island was declared part of Sri Lanka in 1974, but remained under Indian control until 1974. In 1974, an agreement was reached in which Indian land was given to Sri Lanka under the friendship of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike and indian pm Indira Gandhi. The government agreed that Indian fishermen could use the island for activities such as drying nets and resting, and Indians were allowed to visit the church on the island without a visa.

morning view of Katchatheevu Island

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi objected to the agreement so that the traditional fishing rights of Tamil Nadu fishermen would not be affected. The agreement had significant influence in Tamil Nadu politics and the assembly passed a resolution in 1991 calling for reunification with India and gaining rights of the fishermen.

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There were incidents of arrests of Indian fishermen from 1991 onwards and security measures for Indian fishermen were increased. The matter started escalating which created tension between the two countries.

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