Kim Jong-un warns South Korea of war

kim against south korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened to have no intention of avoiding war with South Korea. He says that if even 0.001 mm of its area is violated, such a situation can arise. He has sought to change the constitution so that South Korea is considered its principal enemy and North Korea could annex it during a war. He also said that their rapprochement with the South is no longer possible and called for cutting off all inter-Korean dialogue and destroying the monument of prosperity in Pyongyang.

The North Korean ambassador has reported that organizations that are related to prosperity and inter-Korean tourism will be closed. South Korea has reacted strongly to this. North Korean officials regard South Korea and North Korea as two hostile countries. Recognizes an amorphous foundation in its traditional and historical ties.

Over time, inter-Korean relations have become increasingly tense due to recent missile tests and Pyongyang’s changes to the constitution. Kim has called for the mobilization of his country’s military, which it says can be ready at any time.

Kim Jong-un warns South Korea of war

The South’s President Yoon Suk Yeol told his cabinet that if the North turns any provocation into action, South Korea would respond “many times more forcefully.

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Despite the initiative to deconflict the South and the entire Korean peninsula, North Korea has launched a solid-fuel hypersonic missile within days of its deconflicting activities. These self-support exercises have led to live fire exercises along the southern Tantric maritime border, resulting in evacuation orders for some border islands.

This is a major change in the situation of escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula due to disengagement and self-assertion. This is proving that North Korea now threatens the South more and making these occasional statements is a way to remind South and North Koreans who the enemy is.

The tense debate over a war of words on the Korean Peninsula is new, but despite the contradictions, it is difficult to evaluate how real the threat of an all-out war is. It refers to incidents in the past where shots have been fired inside the demilitarized zone, and clashes have also taken place in the maritime zone. If North Korea attacks South Korea, it would probably be nothing less than suicide, but it should be noted that South Korea has America and Japan, which can support it at any time.

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