The Second Season of Made in Heaven, by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti.

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Made in Heaven:You don’t learn everything from the picture-perfect wedding album. When you have female creators, directors, and writers (Joya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Alankrita Shrivastava, Nitya Mehra), as well as co-director Neeraj Ghaywan and other writers Anil Lakhwani and Rahul Nayar, you get what might be considered India’s most socially conscious show, one that is Made in Heaven.

The second season of Made in Heaven covers a wide range of topics, including bizarre divorce scenarios, second marriages, complicated relationships, and chance encounters. Made in Heaven hits that sweet spot of being a compelling drama, despite the fact that dealing with topics like marital abuse, teenage sex, casteism, and unintended pregnancies can be problematic.

After re-watching the series, you’ll notice how skillfully it addresses themes that have an impact on our society and life, such as caste and class prejudices, corrupt money, and the dynamics of the workplace. Because MIH2 has individuals who are so filthy, it stands out from the crowd and is intended to be unusual, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. It gets buried in important questions when you are preoccupied with admiring the perfect lehenga, appreciating ornate jewelry, and thinking about pouring yourself a drink of pink champagne.
In addition to being socially conscious, MIH2 is an inclusive show that highlights the challenges of a transgender girl looking for love in the harsh world of dating apps. It also exposes atypical relationships while asking for acceptance from friends who don’t always know better. It’s all extremely authentic.

This also applies to destination weddings and Bollywood weddings. There is a series about Rocky and Rani’s romance that features not only humorous comedy and splendor but also numerous stories of love. It is authentic, trustworthy, and raw. It’s a world of high-profile splits, high-end fashion, exclusive events, and opulent homes. However, it’s also the world of Jassi’s modest residence, financial obligations, and the bustle of side jobs. It’s the world of Tara’s upbringing in the middle class, where she balances bills for her niece’s education while working to grow her business. Then there is Nadeem, the mechanic, who has a crush on a female looking for a bargain. As the lives of these flawed yet lovely people play out in front of you, you pause, sigh, and smile.

Each wedding in the Made in Heaven is spectacular and captivating, suited for a nation that is passionate about weddings and serves as the perfect setting for the tension between the grooms, brides, and their families. As with Season 1, MIH2 is unquestionably India’s best-looking television program. The actors are all outstanding. There are so many characters to remember, but they are all still there.

The first season of Made in Heaven

released in 2020, therefore the length of time it took to produce Season 2 is my sole issue. Because there are so many characters, it can be difficult to keep track of their difficulties and limitations while watching the story develop, especially given the speed at which consumers are consuming content today. It would have been more alluring if it had been released soon after the first season, in my opinion.

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