moscow weapons exhibition: Putin has shown his power by displaying weapons captured from Ukraine

moscow weapons exhibition in russia

Some time ago, tanks from Ukraine were shelling Russia, now those tanks have been installed in Moscow as an exhibition. The exhibition is located opposite the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. It includes more than one weapon, whether it is British made or American, Swedish, French or German made.

The exhibition has been divided into different areas for people to see. This demonstration will last for 1 month in Russia. A piece of almost every weapon that was given to Ukraine as aid is present in Moscow, Russia.

Russia has now transported the tanks and many armored vehicles fighting on behalf of Ukraine to Moscow. Russia’s intention is to glorify Russia’s aggression on Ukraine by showing this exhibition.

Russian people are coming and watching, explaining the might of the Russian army and Russia is also showing that weapons from America to Germany are now gathering dust in Moscow.

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These tanks are also parked outside the Russian Embassy. Now Russia has started this work, it is capturing foreign weapons, bringing them to Moscow and showing people how much power it has.

moscow weapons exhibition

in moscow weapons exhibition russia has shown weapons captured from Ukraine

USA Made:- Bradley IFV M113 Armored Personal Carrier Also INTERNATIONAL MAXXPRO ARMORED VEHICLE HMMWV M1151 and HMMWV M998 Armored Motor Vehicle UK Made:- M777 TOWED HOWITZER, AT105 SAXON AND HUSKY TSV Armored Motor Vehicle,Mastiff Armored Vehicle AUSTRAIN MADE:- PINZGAUER 712M Turkish Made:- Kripi Armored Vehicle Australian made:- BushMaster Protected MOBILITY Vehicle, FINNISH SISU PASI XA-180\185 APC Ukrainian made:- AZOVETS TANK SUPPORT VEHICLES All these weapons are currently parked in moscow weapons exhibition

These are all the weapons that were captured by the Russian Army and people are coming to see which weapons of which countries have been installed here by the Russian Army. Recently Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the situation in Kiev, Ukraine is worsening.

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