N. Korea ends Economic cooperation with S. Korea: know Impact on which project

North Korea Ends Economic Ties with South Korea

North Korea has decided to end all economic cooperation agreements with South Korea, including the special law on the operation of the Kumgang Mountaineering Project. The Parliament of North Korea has voted to take this decision. This decision has come at a time when North-South relations are continuously deteriorating.

Related Events: North Korea’s decision to end economic cooperation agreements with South Korea comes amid North-South tensions and was described by the South’s Unification Ministry as predictable. He says this is hardly a surprise to anyone and will only deepen Pyongyang’s isolationism.

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Mount Kumgang Mountain Resort

Projects: Mount Kumgang Mountain Resort and Kang Industrial Zone are two important inter-Korean economic projects, which have been important tools of cooperation between the two territories.

Hyundai Asan invested more than $564 million in the Kumgang project. Kumgang Mountain View is located on the east coast of North Korea, just across the Demilitarized Zone separating the two countries. The timing of this decision comes amid a worsening trend in North-South relations.

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