NATO countries say Putin should not use Tactical nuclear weapons

NATO countries say Putin should not use Tactical nuclear weapons

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that Russia was going to conduct exercises with its nuclear weapons in response to provocative statements and threats by Western officials on the Ukraine war.

Now that Russia has started practicing with its nuclear weapons in Belarus, the western countries are very angry about this. Strategic nuclear weapons are subject to arms control agreements between Moscow and Washington but tactical nuclear weapons have never been limited by any agreement.

Tactical nuclear weapons can be used against soldiers on the battlefield and their capacity can be as much as 1 Kiloton The American bomb dropped on Hiroshima during the Second World War was of 15 kiloton, which comes in tactical nuclear weapons.

Belarus releases sudden footage of its nuclear military exercise

Russia regularly conducts exercises with tactical nuclear weapons, but this is the first time that Russia has publicly conducted exercises with tactical nuclear weapons. Iskander missiles as well as SU 25 squadron aircraft have taken part in this exercise in Belarus.

After the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian President repeatedly reminded the Western countries of Moscow’s nuclear power and now Moscow is openly maneuvering with its tactical nuclear weapons in front of the world. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has said that if Belarus is attacked with nuclear weapons, an immediate response will be given.

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Putin has also given many big statements regarding special military operations. Regarding this, the spokesperson of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence has said that it is the nature of Putin government to threaten with such nuclear weapons. NATO nation Lithuania has said that it is ready to deploy troops in Ukraine

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