Palestinian PM Mohammad Shtayyeh resigns: Israel has given deadline to Palestinians

Palestinian PM Mohammad Shtayyeh resigns

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has announced the resignation of his government in view of the changing reality in Gaza. The occupiers are stepping down in the face of unprecedented conflict in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza.

The move comes amid growing US pressure on Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh to stop the fighting in Gaza by working on a political framework to govern the besieged territory.

The Palestinians still have a long way to go. A new government could be formed by the end of this week and will likely be led by Mahmoud Abbas. Israel has set a deadline for the ground operation in southern Gaza.

The siege of the city of Rafah around Ramadan, which is scheduled to be completed on the 10th of next month, is certainly a matter of great concern within the United States. Given that approximately 1.05 million displaced Palestinians are taking refuge there,

Israel’s ministry has presented a plan to evacuate civilians from conflict zones in the Gaza Strip but has not given details about how and where they will be taken. Israel has warned of an imminent ground offensive.

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