Pig Kidney Transplantation: World’s first successful kidney transplant from pig to human in Boston

doctors during Pig Kidney Transplantation

On the evening of 21 March, This miracle happened in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. A ground-breaking genetically modified experiment has led to the successful transplant of a 62-year-old man suffering from kidney disease in Boston, a major breakthrough in surgery transplant. The surgery, performed by a team of scientists and surgeons, was the only way to bring xenotransplantation to the clinic.

Soon after the transplant the patient’s kidney turned pink and blood flow was restored, and the first urine output was noted on the kidney. This is a significant leap forward for the medical community, as it will solve many disparities and make surgery and organ replacement more cost-effective.

This process may favor specific patients, particularly those with high rates of end-stage kidney disease. This will be vital for vulnerable populations around the world and in the US. The organ donation list is long, with 100,000 Americans on the waiting list for organs. If successful, both pig and human organs could be used in the future.

The process involves making pig organs less pig-like using explicit gene editing. The company used 69 edits to make the pig parts less pig-like and about 7 edits to make them more human. The idea is to take out genes more common in pigs than in sitting retroviruses.

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