Rescue operation: Indian Navy Rescues 23 Pakistani Fishermen from Somali Pirates

Rescue operation from Somali Pirates

The Indian Navy has done an important work. Indian Navy has saved the lives of 23 Pakistani citizens. This work was done against pirates. The big ship Al Kamar 786 was captured by pirates, but the navy got them surrendered. This operation lasted for 12 hours.

The INS Sumedha and INS Trishul ship was used in this operation and during the operation, the Indian Navy used a guided missile frigate and engaged the pirates.

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This incident showed that the Indian Navy is always ready to protect the Indian Ocean and capable of fulfilling its duty.Even before this, the Indian Navy has conducted many operations against pirates and has played an important role in the security of the people in Arabian sea. What will Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif thank to the Indian Navy.

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