Sabah Haniyeh: Israel has arrested the sister of Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh for terror links

ismail haniyeh after idf raid in sabah haniyeh

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrests the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Ismail Haniyeh’s family lives in southern Israel, under the IDF surveillance. Israel Police have released footage showing the arrest of the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

The IDF found photographs, documents, and links to the terrorists during a search of Sabah Haniyeh’s home at the time of his arrest, and this evidence indicates that 57-year-old Sabah Haniyeh is involved in serious attacks in Israel. Sabah has been accused of instigating and supporting terrorists.

Sabah Haniyeh was captured on 1 april monday morning raid as a result of the IDF’s “Early Dawn” operation, conducted in cooperation with the police and Shin Bet, highlighting the potential security threats posed by close associates of the Hamas leadership.

Ismail Haniyeh with black court during his speech

About Ismail Haniyeh:Ismail Haniyeh is the leader of Hamas, a militant group operating in the Palestinian territories, particularly in Gaza. He rose to power in 2006 when Hamas was elected to govern Gaza. Haniyeh has retained various positions of power within Hamas since then, including serving as prime minister and chief of the group’s political bureau.

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He has been involved with Hamas since his youth, having been radicalized during his time at university. Haniyeh’s family has been directly affected by the Israel-Palestine conflict, as they were displaced from their home in 1948. Despite some attempts at moderation, Haniyeh’s rhetoric has been both inflammatory and offensive at times, and he has been declared a terrorist by the U.S. State Department due to his strong connections with Hamas’ military wing.

He has spent much of his tenure building relationships with countries like Qatar and Iran, despite warnings from Egypt about such connections.

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