T Raja Singh: big attack on Waqf Board, Love Jihad and Land Jihad in Solapur rally

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Maharashtra Police has registered a case against BJP leader Raja Naval Singh Lodh ‘Tiger’ alias T Raja Singh for giving hate speech at the Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha rally in Solapur. T Raja Singh has been elected MLA from Goshamahal for the third time in Telangana elections. T Raja Singh was suspended from BJP in 2022 for his derogatory remarks about Islam’s Prophet Mohammed. T Raja Singh focused on the issues of ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Land Jihad’, calling for violence against those involved and demolition of mosques at disputed sites. He urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to implement ‘bulldozer politics’ in his state. The aim of the rally was to wake up the Hindus who are still sleeping and address the rise in Love Jihad, Land Jihad, Cow Slaughter and Waqf Board atrocities.

T Raja Singh said this in his speech at the Jan Aakrosh Morcha rally in Solapur“Arey humare Maharashtra ki dharti par ek sher hote the, jo khali khade hoke sirf ek nara lagatey the toh landyo ki phat jaati thi. Aaj unhi ki dharti par Love Jihad ho raha hai, aaj Balasahebji ki dharti par gau hatya ho rahi hai, aaj land jihad ho rahaa hai, dharmantaran ho raha hai.”(english translation: If only there was a lion on our land of Maharashtra, who would roam around the lands just by raising a slogan. Today Love Jihad is going on in their land, today cow is being slaughtered on Balasahebji’s land, today the land is going on Jihad, it is being religious.”

 Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha rally in Solapur

What is Waqf and what did T Raja Singh say about it?
Established by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964, there is a Central Waqf Council and 32 state boards throughout the country. Presently Smriti Irani is the chairperson of the Central Council. Waqf has been used for religious purposes for a long time. In the name of religious rights, the Waqf Board has taken over the lands of many people. At present, more than 51 thousand cases of Waqf are going on in the court. After Railways and Army, if anyone has the most property in India, then it is with Waqf, which is a total of 10 lakh acres. T Raja, a prominent Indian politician, has claimed the Waqf Board to be Hindu land and threatened to vacate the buildings. Singh demanded action against the Waqf Board and its actions. Also urged to use Waqf Board land to build housing, colleges, hospitals and stadiums for Hindu refugees who fled from Pakistan.

What is love jihad?
Love jihad is a term that refers to alleged acts of love by Muslim men targeting women from non-Muslim communities in order to convert them to Islam. Love is derived from the English word which means love. Jihad is an Arabic word which means to use all one’s strength to fulfill a purpose, people following one religion trap girls of another religion in the trap of love. That is called religious conversion. After the implementation of this law of 2020, the Uttar Pradesh government has made a provision of 10 years of punishment for forcibly inducing someone to convert to religion by fraud, especially if she is a minor girl or from a Scheduled Tribe. Women can be punished with imprisonment ranging from 3 to 10 years for converting their religion by cheating or luring them into marriage.

t raja sing with yogi in rally

T Raja Singh’s big statement on cow slaughter
T Raja Singh, in his rally of Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha in Solapur, described cow slaughter as a big sin and also demanded imposition of strictest law on it. Human beings are very fond of animals but many people do not understand this and that is why they like to kill a voiceless animal and eat its meat. The most loyal animal among animals is a dog and the second animal is a cow. People who know the glory of cow, they worship cow and by worshiping it, they keep it like a mother in their home. In Hindu religion, Mother Cow is worshiped because 33 types of deities reside in Mother Cow. In UP, there is a punishment of 10 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5 lakh for killing a cow.

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