‘Tranq’ drug cannibal era begins:People Becoming Zombies in America Philadelphia

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This blog tells how people become zombies in Philadelphia, a city in America. People consume drugs on the streets of Philadelphia, due to which they start walking like zombies.

You might have heard recently that the entire Apple store was looted by teenagers. Watch the video below.

In Philadelphia, you get many drugs but the most dangerous drug is “tranq”. Alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana are normal for these people. This drug is taken by injection. Then after taking it, people walk sleepily. Both girls and boys do this drug.


Tranq (xylazine) is a non-opioid sedative analgesic medication used as a central nervous system depressant. It is designed for use in animals such as dogs, cats, and horses, and is not FDA-approved for use in humans.

When it is mixed with most heroin and cocaine, the drug is called a “speedball”. In addition to tranq or “zombie dope”, it is also known as “zombie dope” in the U.S. Also known in the U.S. by other street names such as “track dope” or “slip cut”.

Side effects: slow wound healing, frequent, persistent, or worsening skin infections, and eye problems.

Peddlers Earn money

Drug peddlers earn money from people after getting them intoxicated and making people addicted to this drug. Drug peddlers in Philadelphia are male and female both anyone selling drugs. Heroin, MDMA, Cocaine, methamphetamine, and LSD. These types of drugs they sell but mostly in trending they sell tranq

Homeless people need helps

Homeless people are falling further into this drug habit and they need help. You will find homeless people in every state of America, but the homeless people of Philadelphia are completely different. They are already homeless, and on top of that they do drugs, and their condition is getting worse day by day. These days an organization has come to the fore.


The organization takes to the streets of Philadelphia and helps homeless people and drug addicts. They provide food, clothes, and many more things that living for humans requires. you can donate anything for those by clicking this link. The organization name is everythingproject. This organization is a very beautiful example of humanity. They save many lives

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