Tulsi Pujan Diwas 2023: Know the importance and method of Tulsi Puja on Christmas day

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Tulsi Puja Day is being celebrated on 25th December. In Hindu culture, there is a tradition of planting a Tulsi plant in the courtyard of every house. Water the Tulsi plant every day and circumambulate it, consume Tulsi leaves and celebrate Tulsi Puja Day on 25 December every year. Tulsi Mata has been called Vishnu Priya and her service is a symbol of religious sentiments.

On the day of Tulsi puja, Tulsi is a boon for the entire earth, Tulsi is the nectar for human life, it confirms health and longevity, its mere sight destroys the sins of the society, its mere sight purifies the body. . It is said that by touching it, offering water and paying obeisance to it, diseases are cured. Yamdoot cannot touch anyone who has a garland made of Tulsi wood around his neck or has a Tulsi plant nearby.

How to perform Tulsi Puja on the day of Tulsi Puja
According to beliefs, on the day of Tulsi worship, a new Tulsi plant is brought home. Worshiping Tulsi brings prosperity, wealth, and happiness to the house. For Tulsi puja one has to wake up in the morning and take a bath. After bathing, water is offered to Tulsi. Considering Tulsi as mother, sweets or fruits are offered. Tulsi is tilaked with roli or vermillion and a lamp is lit near the Tulsi plant. Then Tulsi puja is done by performing Tulsi aarti.

Tulsi Puja Aarti

Maharani namo namo, jai jai tulsi mata.
Sab jag ki sukh data, var data jai jai tulsi mata.

Jai jai tulsi mata.

Sab yogon ke upar, sab rogon ke upar
Ruj se raksha karke bhav tratta jai jai tulsi mata.

Batu putri he shyama, sur balli he gramya
Vishnu priye jo tumko seve, so nar tar jata jai jai tulsi mata.

Hari ke shish virajat, tribhuvan se ho vandit
Patit jano ki tarini vikhayata jai jai tulsi mata.

Lekar janam vijan mein, aai divya bhavan mein
Manavlok tumhi se sukh sampati pata jai jai tulsi mata.

Hari ko tum ati pyari, shyam varan tumhari
Prem ajab hai unka tumse kaisa nata jai jai tulsi mata.

Tulsi Pujan Diwas 2023: Know the importance and method of Tulsi Puja on Christmas day

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