Uma Oya: What happened from Iran President Ebrahim Raisi visit to Sri Lanka

    Ebrahim Raisi visit to Sri Lanka for Uma Oya

    The President of Iran has been continuously touring the countries of Asia and has now reached Sri Lanka after completing his three-day tour of Pakistan.

    Sri Lankan Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena reached the airport to receive him and gave a grand welcome to the Iranian President on the red carpet. Iran last visited Sri Lanka in 2008 and now after 16 years, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has reached Sri Lanka.

    After the increased tension between Iran and Israel, the President of Iran has gone to Sri Lanka at a time when there is tension in the entire Middle East. Now Iran wants to further strengthen its trade with Sri Lanka. Iran inaugurated a $514 million hydropower project in Sri Lanka and it has now been officially opened.

    This $514 million Uma Oya Hydropower Project was started by Iran and Sri Lanka in the year 2010. Iran initially provided $50 million. But funding could not be continued due to international sanctions against Iran in 2013 and then Covid-19.

    After the inauguration of this project, 290 GWh will now be provided additional electricity to the National Grid. Besides, 4,500 hectares of farmlands and thousands of families in Sri Lanka will now get drinking water which will directly affect the people of three districts.

    Uma Oya is 180 km east of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Through this project, water from Uma Oya and Malwathu Oya rivers will be transferred for agricultural development in water scarce areas.

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    Now Sri Lanka will have electricity as well as water to reach those areas where earlier there was a shortage of drinking water or water for agriculture. Every year approximately 290 GW of energy will be produced from this project.

    This project has been constructed by FARAB Engineering Company of Iran. This entire project has been completed with the efforts of Iranian experts and engineers in Sri Lanka.

    Wickremesinghe and Ibrahim Raisi will get a chance to sign five MoUs and issue a joint statement. President Ibrahim Raisi said that “we are going to further strengthen our relations with Sri Lanka and we will work together on many other aspects. Sri Lanka is a sovereign and independent nation and we respect its policies.

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