Vantara vision: Anant Ambani’s grand vision for the world’s largest animal rescue center

Vantara vision: Anant Ambani's foundation

Anant Ambani has introduced Gujarat’s city of Jamnagar as a different world, which has the world’s largest Elephant Hospital, Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue Facility.

Anant Ambani has been serving animals since childhood. Vantara is leading a 3,000-acre animal rescue and care facility that is being run by Anant Ambani. Vantara is home to over 200 elephants that have been rescued from circuses, extreme confinement and unbearable isolation.

Anant Ambani is running a foundation dedicated to serving animals separately and has no commercial interest in it. Vantara is a unique conservation effort that serves as the world’s largest elephant hospital and provides shelter to other animals. Is providing a safe accommodation for.

Vantara has various facilities such as an elephant operation theatre, a herbal medicine hospital, and a self-taught kitchen where special diets are prepared for every elephant.

vantara animals playing

Efforts are being made to save and preserve a large number of new and exotic species of various species in Vantara, which include lions, tigers, leopards, and others.

Anant Ambani had said in one of his interviews that he considers his mother and father as his biggest inspiration and said that in Hinduism, animals are considered as gods and hence serving them is considered a wonderful deed. Anant Ambani Social truth can be promoted through this work.

For intercommunity interaction, it is mentioned that the facility is for animal welfare only and is not open to the public, making it an exclusive animal rescue and hospital centre.

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