Vegetarian Virat Kohli eats chicken tikka, sharing Instagram story

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Virat Kohli, one of the world’s greatest batsmen, is on trend these days due to one of his Instagram posts. In the photo, Virat Kohli has shared a photo from his social media account in which some food items are shown on a plate and “Mok Chicken Tikka” is written on it. This photo has shocked the fans and forced them to know whether Virat has really eaten chicken tikka or not.

A few years ago, Virat Kohli made a significant lifestyle change by adopting a vegetarian diet. This change was due to a cervical spine problem, which led to excessive production of uric acid in his body.

Virat Kohli said in a live session in 2020, “During the 2018 South Africa tour, I suffered a cervical spine problem while playing a Test match. It compressed the nerve of the little finger on my right hand, causing Tingling and numbness to set in. There were sleepless nights, and the pain became unbearable.”


The decision to become vegetarian was to reduce uric acid levels and maintain health. In the post, Virat Kohli posted a story of himself enjoying’mock chicken tikka’, a plant-based alternative that replaces traditional chicken with soya. Unlike normal chicken tikka, the imitation version is derived entirely from soya. The increasing popularity of plant-based alternatives has introduced various vegetarian alternatives to meat dishes.

It’s been two years since Virat Kohli gave up non-veg. He said the decision to become vegetarian has had a positive impact on my life. It makes me wonder why I didn’t do it earlier.

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