West Asia crisis: 3 US soldiers killed and 34 injured in Jordan drone strike amid Israel-Hamas conflict

Ebrahim Raisi vs joe Biden

What was a conflict between Israel and Hamas that began on October 7 has quickly turned into a regional security crisis in West Asia.

Three American soldiers have been killed in a drone attack on a base in Jordan, while at least 34 American soldiers are injured. Iran-backed terrorist group ‘Islamic Resistance in Iraq‘ has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The incident occurred during an ongoing three-month offensive against Iran-backed militia groups in Iraq and Syria, marking the first time the deaths of US troops have been blamed on Iran.

President Biden accused Kshatriya Iran-supported groups for this attack. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed his shock and outrage at the attack.

Jordan condemned the terrorist attack, while Iran denied responsibility and said third parties were behind it. Apart from this, talks are also taking place in the context of attacks taking place at various places.

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