When will Iran attack on Israel to take revenge

When will Iran attack on Israel to take revenge

A war-like situation has arisen between Israel and Iran. On April 1, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and several of its members were killed in an attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria. The Middle East region is on high alert for increasing violence after Iran warned of possible retaliation against the Israeli attack. Iran wants to take revenge from Israel for the death of an Iranian military general killed in an attack in Damascus, Syria. According to Wall Street Journal, Iran can attack on Israel within the next 24 to 48 hours. Iran has vowed to take revenge from Israel. According to the report of Wall Street Journal, Iran may first target Israel’s borders.

What did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say after Iran’s threat?

Iran and Israel are constantly warning each other. Iran had threatened to attack Israel after Eid, but Israel has also made preparations for the attack. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to this threat of Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “Apart from Gaza, Israel is preparing for war on other fronts also. If anyone attacks us, we will respond definitely give. Israel has directly warned Iran of war.

iran shoot massive rockets on isreal

Travel advisory of Government of India regarding Iran, Lebanon and Israel

The Government of India has issued a travel advisory regarding Iran and Israel. The Ministry of External Affairs has said that in view of the situation in the region, all Indians are advised not to travel to Israel or Iran until further notice. Also, those who are living in Israel or Iran are requested to keep in touch with Indian embassies and get themselves registered, take utmost care regarding their safety and try to limit their activities.

What other countries say about the war between Iran and Israel?

America is continuously trying to calm this entire matter. Countries around the world are trying to calm this entire tension. Countries like America and Britain are also continuously talking to Iran, but no effect of these talks. If this happens, then there is a possibility of a large-scale war. Along with India, countries like France, America, Britain and Russia have asked their people to remain alert and have asked them to avoid traveling to Israel, Iran and Lebanon for the time being.

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