Who was Putin’s staunch opponent, Alexei Navalny, who died in jail

Who was Putin's staunch opponent, Alexei Navalny

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died in jail. Alexei Navalny has been in jail since 2021 and was considered a staunch opponent of Putin. Alexei Navalny was 47 years old

The statement of Navalny’s death has been issued by the Federal Prison Service, in which it has been said that Alexei Navalny’s health suddenly deteriorated when he was going out for a walk after having dinner. Then he fainted, and after that, the paramedics and medical team tried to resurrect him but could not succeed, and he died during that time.

Alexei Navalny in hospital poison attack

Alexei Navalny has had controversies before in his life, such as the poisoning case in 2020 and his treatment in Berlin after his poisoning. There is no clear explanation yet for the reaction of Navalny’s supporters after his death, but experts say it may be directly related to the upcoming Russian elections.

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Alexei Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition leader, gained attention during the 2011 protests and led the opposition movement against corruption. Despite facing imprisonment and threats, Navalny’s investigative work resonated with diverse audiences, including the lower classes, liberals, and intellectuals. Putin considered Navalny a threat because of his ability to unite different groups against corruption.

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